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To be honest I have no idea why I haven’t dedicated more posts to the HAN Skincare Comsetics Blush and Bronzer.

They are absolutlely lovely, have AMAZINGLY CLEAN ingredients, are very pigmented with great color pay off, come in a beautiful range of colors, are on the lower end of the green beauty price spectrum ($16), and they’re pressed.


I truly love and have come to appreciate loose powder products; I’ve come to the conclusion that it just must be easier to create a natural product that comes in a loose powder form than in a pressed powder form. It makes sense to me (as there must have to be some sort of binder to create a pressed product and binders/fillers/emulsifiers tend to be where toxic ingredients seem to come in) … but there is just something so convenient about a pressed powder product.

Thanks for listening to me ramble ♥ Keep reading and I promise to share loads of goodness about HAN’s pressed blush and bronzers!


Below are swatches of HAN’s bronzers. Maui on the left and Malibu on the right.


Malibu is hands down the most versatile (for fair to medium skin tones, unfortunately it may be too light to show up on darker skin tones) and user friendly bronzer that I have ever used.


I feel like I actually kind of learned how to apply bronzer with this shade specifically because, while it does have great color pay off, I find that I never have to worry about applying too much product or this color looking too orange on me. It’s also a cooler toned brown so it makes for a fantastic contour shade on fair to light skin tones. Below I have Malibu on my eyes and cheek area.



I find that anywhere from 2 to 4 taps of product is enough for a good application of product; sometimes I will build up the bronzer with a second layer of color.

Maui has the same exceptional formula but I don’t find myself reaching for it as often because it is just a tad to red for my complexion; I think it would look fantastic on warmer and darker skin tones though!

DSC_0006 (1).JPG

HAN’s Pressed Blush in Baby Pink


This is such a sweet and soft color. It may be a bit too pink for some people’s taste but the formula of all of the shades is excellent. Like the bronzers, just about 2-3 taps of product on a blush brush is all that is needed to get major color pay off on the cheeks. Sometimes I find that I even have to tap off some excess product on my brush when I tap my brush into the blush around 3 or 4 times.


This shade is matte but HAN also has a couple of really nice shades with shimmer in them.

The last praise I have to give HAN’s blushes and bronzers is that they also look amazing on the eyes.

Maui on the eyes


To wrap up this post, I have to add that I have so many great conversations with people who work for HAN, some of these have been at work via e-mail communication, and some of these have simply been on my own time through Instagram; while appreciating conversation on Instagram may sound shallow, I do find that it is super refreshing to be able to have genuine conversation with the companies behind our products. Thanks for reading!

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