Thrifted | What I Got For $22

It’s 2018, thrifting is cool people.

& Thank God that it is. It’s so much more eco friendly than buying new items, way more budget friendly, doesn’t support unethical apparel production practices, and is great for the community.

Honestly, I have a lot of thoughts on why shopping second hand is awesome. Hopefully all of those thoughts will make their way into a blog post someday. 🙂

A couple weeks ago I was walking around downtown with my boyfriend’s sister and we came across a consignment store with a $1 Sale Rack outside. We both saw things instantly that caught our eye. This is what grabbed my attention,


One. Dollar. I only wish that I had come across these pants at the beginning of spring or summer. I have one pair of palazzo pants that I wear constantly in the summer. I definitely know that having one more pair of cute, lightweight, and comfortable pants will bring me great use when the warmer months roll back around.

Furthermore, I think that these will be great for the warmer fall days that are ahead.

Another seasonal transition piece that I wish I had had all summer is this super beautiful and feminine black duster.

DSC_0042 (2)

I was instantly intrigued by the sleeves and was very pleasantly surprised by the fabric.  It’s light enough that it would be comfortable when walking in the summer heat to an air conditioned building or on a warm summer night, but heavy enough that it could add some warmth when layered over top of a long sleeved shirt on a cooler day in fall and probably even during the beginning of winter as well. It also feels super durable. This item was $13.

Next up off of the $1 Sale Rack is this lovely pink Merona Tee. Fabric is perfect, not too heavy, not too light, and definitely not see through in any way; pretty much the epitome of how I would prefer most basic tees to feel.


I think that this will be a great comfy basic for lazy days. I feel like I could go to the grocery store in this and leggings or joggers and feel somewhat put together; but I also feel like it could be dressed up to a certain extent. Paired with the right scarf, shoes, or cardigan, I think that this comfy T could easily be dressed up for everyday activities like work or school.


The last item that I found originally priced at $13.00 but marked down 50% to $6.50 is this lovely sweater dress.


I’m a huge dress wearer. I’m excited to pair this dress with boots, scarves, and cardigans in the fall, and leggings, tights, and warm sweaters during the winter. I think that this will also serve as a transition piece from the less cold months towards the end of winter and the still slightly chilly months at the beginning of spring.

Lastly (like the black duster) this dress is not too light, not too heavy, and will keep me from getting too warm or too cold in most temperatures. This is like gold to me. I’m always cold so warm clothes are a must during the winter months obviously but I love finding warmer clothes that are light enough to wear during the cooler seasons as well.


What are some of your favorite thrift store finds? I know I have so many.

Thanks for reading & Happy Thrifting!

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