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I love Alima Pure. The Satin Matte Foundation is hands down the most user friendly, effective, and universal foundation I have ever used in green beauty. I honestly think that everyone transitioning to greener make up should start with that foundation.

The Alima Liquid Silk Foundation on the other hand has stumped me for years. I wrote a review on this product when it first came out simply saying that I just could not get it to work. It’s actually my second most viewed blog post, this has always kind of bothered me because it was a semi negative review and I never want to spread negativity; especially around natural beauty products because I realize that just because a product doesn’t work for me doesn’t mean that it won’t work for someone else.

Photo taken by Alima Pure

I decided to grab a sample of the Liquid Silk from work so that I could answer clients questions a little bit better about it and also get a better idea of who the foundation will work for.

After trying the product again, I have a better idea of who will like the Liquid Silk and have a couple more good things to say about it

  • Great for those looking for a lightweight foundation and light to medium coverage
  • Best applied with the fingers (which I know some people love)
  • Does even out skin tone, mild discoloration, and mild hyper pigmentation
  • Won’t necessarily have to be set with powder (I think this will vary depending on skin type though)
  • Could be a good fit for mature skin as it is very lightweight, and again, probably won’t have to be set with powder (I’m not against powder on mature skin but often times avoiding using powder on mature skin works out best)
  • The one thing about it that makes it a bit of a no-go for me, is that it doesn’t really camouflage blemishes that still have some texture to them – but I do think this just has something to do with with the fact that it IS a lighter product. It’s not necessarily meant to be a full coverage foundation. I just felt like the blemishes I have on my cheeks in these photos were a bit more noticeable than I would like them to be; and even felt like they were a bit more noticeable in real life than they were in photos – which I will get into more towards the end of this post!


  • So, what I consider a flaw may be a quality that someone else is looking for!
  • As for application, the best way that I have found to apply this product is to apply it with my fingers. I start by spreading the product out over my skin and press and work it in to my skin as opposed to rubbing it into my skin. Every time I have tried to rub the product into my skin with my fingers or buff it into my skin with a brush it starts to pill up.

One thing that I really have to appreciate and acknowledge about this foundation is that it photographed so well! I did purposely leave these photos completely unedited to prove this point.



I actually felt like it looked better in the photos I took than it did in real life. Could be a great staple for a freelance kit ♦ ♦ ♦

The rest of my make up in these photos –

Alima Pure’s Cream Concealer in the shade Dew over the eye area, under the eyes, and to help further cover blemishes

RMS Beauty’s Tinted ‘Un’ Powder in the shade 0-1 to set the eye area under eye area. Read this post to hear more about this product.

Alima Pure’s Pressed Foundation in the shade Birch to set the face and also to build up the coverage a bit (again, I don’t think everyone will need to set the Liquid Silk Foundation but I pretty much always set my foundation)

HAN Skincare Cosmetics bronzer in Malibu and blush in Baby Pink. I talk about the HAN bronzers more in this post.

Lily Lolo Brow Duo in the shade Dark

Alima Pure Pressed Eye Shadow in the shade Gamine on the lid and Alima Pure Finishing Powder in Augusta buffed into the crease and buffed into the lower lash line

Ilia Pure Eyeliner in the shade Havana Affair – read this post to hear more about this liner!

Lily Lolo Natural Mascara

Au Naturale Cosmetics Innocence Lipstick – This color is the perfect rosey nude and is especially great for fair skin, it’s deep enough that it doesn’t leave me looking washed out like most nudes but natural looking enough to still give the same affect as nude lip color. Check out this post to read about some other Au Naturale Cosmetics products ♥

Have you tried the Alima Pure Liquid Silk Foundation? What did you think?

Thanks for reading!

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