Lagom Body Co. FEED Clay Mask (Gently Detoxifies and Nourishes The Skin)

Self care Sunday anyone?

This face mask is absolutely beautiful. The featured ingredients are hibiscus flower powder, rosehip extract, and marshmallow powder. It is a lovely pale lilac color when dry and turns into a gorgeous deep purple when mixed with water and applied to the skin.


This mask leaves the skin feeling AMAZING after using it.


It GENTLY (key word) detoxifies, tones, and cleanses the skin and I also find that my skin is noticeably softer, more hydrated, and brighter after using this mask.

According to the Lagom Body Co. website, the hibiscus flower powder in this clay blend gently exfoliates and encourages cell turnover, the marshmallow powder soothes the skin, and the rosehip extract and burdock root powder deliver an incredible amount of antioxidants to the skin.

I usually combine about two teaspoons of the FEED clay blend with about two to three  teaspoons of water and leave the mask on my face until the clay mixture has completely dried.


To remove this mask, I run a wash cloth under hot water and press the cloth on to my face; the steam from the cloth helps to break up the mask. From here I gently rub the wash cloth on my face to break up and clean off any remains that the mask has left.

My skin appears slightly red after taking the mask off, this is pretty normal when using clay based masks. After taking the mask off I apply either Argan Oil or Grapeseed Oil as my moisturizer.


A couple of months back I wrote a blog post about how I make my bentonite clay mask. I still enjoy using bentonite clay as a detoxifying mask, (sometimes I will even add a bit of bentonite clay to my FEED mask to make it a bit more detoxifying) but I have to say, that I prefer the Lagom Body Co. ‘FEED’ mask over using bentonite clay on its own. I find that the blend of ingredients in the ‘FEED’ mask is much gentler than the bentonite clay mask I had been using, but does just as good of a job at pulling impurities out of my pores and detoxifying my skin.

FEED on the left and bentonite clay on the right

What are your favorite Self Care Sunday rituals?

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