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Today’s make up post is one for the colder months.

Here in the pacific northwest we endure a lot of rain. Many of us (including myself) have come to embrace the rain and appreciate it in all its natural beauty (Cue Hilary Duff “Let the rain fall down, and wake my dreams” – ha, couldn’t help myself).

However, I feel like, since I love the rain so much and enjoy having a great amount of moisture in the air, I really take notice when I have to face an unexpected dry and cold day. A sharp and crisp breeze, chapped lips, dry skin – you get the picture.

On these brisk and dry days, I love wearing creme make up. I find that it keeps my skin just a bit more hydrated and that creme make up is less likely to break up in this specific type of weather.

Au Naturale Cosmetics makes some of my favorite creme make up products.

Let’s start with the star of the show, shall we?

Zero Gravity C2P Foundation

Kind of a mouthful (and a handful to type) but this is an absolutely stellar foundation. It was actually the first full sized natural foundation that I ever purchased. You could say that there is some ‘green beauty newbie’ nostalgia there.


But seriously, I have loved this foundation since the first time I used it. My mom even noticed how great my skin looked the first time I wore it.

It’s a stick foundation with the ability to provide light to almost full coverage. To achieve full coverage with this foundation I apply enough strokes of the product to almost cover my whole face. For less coverage I apply the strokes a bit farther apart. (See this post for more about the amount of product I use 🙂 )

Any large buffing foundation brush works when blending this foundaiotn into the skin.

This one is my favorite though.

This is just a simple flat top foundation brush from Morphe. It is available in this set. (I feel like I talk about this brush set all of the time here on my blog, I really ought to dedicate a blog post to this brush set alone!)

I press and blend the foundation into my skin after applying the product to my face.

I almost always set my foundation. When using this particular foundation I love use the RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder on top of the creme (to lock the product in place) and the Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil to give my skin a veil like finish

Completely Covered Creme Concealer

Also, a stick make up product.


I personally LOVE the shade ‘Ecru’ – it has the perfect amount of warm and cool undertones for fair skin.

This concealer provides light to medium coverage. I say this in the best way possible, but, the formula of this product is actually rather dry – but not drying to the skin. It has a bit more of a tacky-creme feel rather than an oily-creme feeling. I NEVER worry about this concealer creasing under my eyes.

The thing that I love most about this concealer is that it is very low maintenance and easy to apply.

I just apply a couple of quick strokes of the product, blend the strokes out with my finger, and set it with some powder.

This concealer also makes a great eye shadow primer.

Color Theory Creme Correction – Shade: Sweet Basil 

This is my holy grail acne-coverage product. Acne marks and blemishes often add unfortunate red spots to the face, color correcting with a green shade is great for cancelling out said spots.

How cute is this shade name?


I apply a short stroke of product to all of the areas that I need color correction and then apply any liquid or creme foundation on top of it. The green cancels out the redness and the foundation covers the green color.

Lookin’ crazy
Here, I’ have applied strokes of the foundation
All blended in!

If I am using a powder foundation on top of this creme color corrector then I will blend a liquid concealer and setting powder over the spots where I have used the green color corrector to keep the green color from showing through the powder foundation.


I know that creme make up products have become rather unpopular in the conventional beauty world. I personally was never really a fan of them before making the switch to more natural products.

However I’ve found that in green beauty, you kind of have to embrace the creme products. Many of them perform so well! Most feel incredibly nourishing on the skin and give great coverage.

If you’re new to green beauty, have had a hard time finding a good natural foundation, or are looking to shield your skin from some dry weather, I highly recommend checking out some natural creme make up (or some powder foundation, I believe that it’s also important to embrace powder foundation in green beauty – more on this in another post coming soon 😉 )

Thanks for reading!

Let me know what you’re favorite skincare/make up products are for combating dry weather ♥


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