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It has been just a minute too long since I got a blog post up. The month of December has been a busy one for me, but also a very exciting one. I got the chance to do some more freelance make up for a graduation ceremony and party, I had a green-beauty-related job interview that went EXCELLENT, and have enjoyed spending time with my family for the holidays.

In this post I want to share the eye shadow look that I have worn nearly everyday this month. It’s fairly simple and very soft; but adds just a touch of shimmer and drama to the eyes.

DSC_0029DSC_0027 (1)

I start out by priming my eyes. My eye primer of choice is the Au Naturale Completely Covered Concealer in the shade ‘Ecru’. I set the concealer with the RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder. In these particular photos however, I used the Bare Minerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in place of the Au Naturale concealer.

Next I create a canvas on my eyes by dusting a bright and nearly white matte shade all over my lid, towards the inner corner of my eye and all the way up to my brow bone. I have been using the shade ‘Foxy’ form the Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette for this.

DSC_0004_LI (2)


Obviously this UD shades is not natural. I have my eye on this natural shade option to hopefully replace ‘Foxy’.

Then I highlight under my brow bone with the shade ‘Soul’ from Bare Minerals on a thin angled eye shadow brush. ‘Soul’ is very similar to the shade ‘Venus’ from the UD Basics Palette.


For my transition color, I mix the shade ‘Tan’ by MotherBearsHandmade and the shade ‘Naked 2’ (also from the UD Basics Palette). I focus these colors on the outer part of my crease and blend in toward the middle of my crease

I use the brush pictured here for this step 🙂

I have LOVED the shade ‘Naked 2’ for years. I wear it in my crease alone, use it as a transition color, and use it on my lower lash line all of the time. It is the perfect cool toned brown. I am thinking of trying this shade and this shade in hopes of finding a natural product that is similar in color to ‘Naked 2’.

‘Tan’ by MotherBearsHandmade is just a touch warmer than ‘Naked 2’, I have been mixing the two together in my crease to create the perfect cool toned brown transition shade with just a hint of warmth.


Pictured above I have also added ‘Soul’ to my lid. I find that this shade makes my eyes look very bright and awake.

The next shadow that I have been using has become one of my favorites. ‘Stella’ by Root Pretty, is a warm golden tone with a hint of pink within the color (read more about ‘Stella’ here!). It has enough depth to add some drama to the eyes, but is light enough to keep the eyes looking soft.

DSC_0032DSC_0007 (1)

I blend ‘Stella’ on the outer portion of my lid, into my crease, and onto my lower lash line.

At this point I have an ultra soft eye look with a hint of pink and a hint of shimmer. Some days I have just been stopping here. Most days however, I have been enjoying adding the shade ‘Coco’ by Root Pretty to the outer corner of my eye (mainly focusing on the outer portion of my lid).


‘Coco’ is the perfect warm and neutral brown and adds just enough extra depth to this soft and pretty look.

So, there it is! A super easy and soft make up look that I have found to be lovely to wear on an every day basis.

DSC_0030DSC_0033 (1)

Let me know what you think & thank you for reading♥

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