The Best of the Best All Natural Lip Products – Green Beauty Black Friday Shopping Guide

Lipstick is probably my favorite make up product. Luckily I have had quite a bit of luck finding natural lip products that pop, are comfortable to wear, and that have decent lasting power.

In today’s post I want to share the natural lippies that I have tried that are 100% worth trying out and that I use on a daily basis.

Alima Pure’s Lip Tints


Ugh, these are just perfect. As you have already read, these are lip tints, not lipsticks. BUT these babies have amazing color pay off, leave the lips with a stain of color, and last quite a while for not actually being a lipstick. I wore the shade ‘Blackberry’ nearly every day last fall, the shade ‘Petal’ most days over this past summer, and I have a feeling I will be reaching for the shade ‘Dahlia’ a lot this coming spring.

‘Petal’ is swatched on the left & ‘Honey’ on the right
Pictured her is ‘Dahlia’ on top & ‘Daisy’ below. I was having a hard time getting swatches of these colors to show up true to color in photos but I thought that this photo of the lip tints showcased the colors very nicely and very accurately
Swatched here is the shade ‘Blackberry’

Alima Pure has come out with several new colors in the last year that look absolutely gorgeous as well.

These are absolutely perfect for everyday wear but I have also worn these to a handful of special occasions as well.

Root Pretty’s Pretty Balm In The Shade ‘Claire’

I am talking about this shade specifically because it is the only Pretty Balm that I have ever tried. This shade is absolutely beautiful. It is a pretty sheer color that has just enough of a pink flush to give the lips some color and leaves a gorgeous pink sheen on the lips.


The thing that I love about ‘Claire’ is that it can be worn with a full face of make up or it can be worn on it’s own with absolutely no make up at all. It makes the lips look like they are naturally just a tad bit pinker, moisturized, and fuller.

Mineral Fusion Lipsticks

‘Splendid’ is pictured above and ‘Alluring’ (my favorite right now!) below it

I have another post where I go into more detail about these lipsticks (and have more photos showcasing ‘Splendid’). But basically, these are the most smudge proof, pigmented, buttery, and long lasting lipsticks that I have tried. They apply very smooth and dry down to somewhat of a satin/matte finish.

Lip Liners

I love lip liner almost as much as I love lipstick. I don’t think that it is absolutely necesary all of the time but I think that lining the lips with a  shade that compliments the color of the lipstick makes a difference.

I reccomend the Honeybee Gardens Irressitable Lip Liners, Gabriel Cosmeics Lip Liners, and Mineral Fusion’s Lip Pencils.

Unfortunately I do not have a Gabriel Cosmetics lip liner to picture at the moment.

I think that all three of these lip liners apply smootly and have excellent lasting power. I have found that the Mineral Fusion Lip Pencils and the Gabriel Cosmetics Lip Liners are just a bit longer lasting than the Honeybee Gardens Lip Liners because the Mineral Fusion Lip Pencils and the Gabriel Cosmeics Lip Liners dry a little bit more matte.

The Honeybee Gardens lip liners are super low in price though. I bought several shades of the Honeybee Gardens lip liners at the same time and used them exclusively for about a year and was more than satisfied with them for everyday wear. I found that they mixed great with tons of other lip products which made them very useful. The only reason that I branched out and tried the two other lip liners was because I needed something that was a bit more smudge proof for some bridal make up.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post & I hope that this post and my green beauty shopping guides for face products and for eye products were helpful to anyone planning on purchasing some green beauty products with the upcoming black Friday sales ♦

All of these products are available on their brand’s websites but I also wanted to leave some links to some online stores that carry some of these products as they will likely also have some good black Friday deals

Safe & Chic

Credo Beauty (They have several stores throughout the U.S.)


Echo Natural Beauty (They also have an actual store in Portland, OR)

Citrine Natural Beauty Bar (They have a store in Phoenix, AZ)

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving ♥



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