Green Beauty Suggestions For Black Friday – The Face

Since Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales are right around the corner, I have decided to compile a list of green beauty products that I have come to adore.

Over the course of the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I plan on sharing natural beauty products that I wish I had purchased first when I began switching over to greener/cleaner products. I have tried a wide variety of products. I’ve loved some and really didn’t care for others. These are products that I have repurchased myself (or would like to repurchase at some point), and products that I think will appeal to a wide variety of skin types and make up preferences.


I initially wanted to include all of the products in one post. As I began writing though, I realized that I would have to dedicate a separate post to each category of products in order to make each post a bearable length. Today I am sharing face products, and will be sharing eye products and lip products before this coming Thursday.

Quickly, I just want to mention that I am in no way, shape, or form suggesting that anyone needs to purchase every single one of these products this coming Friday. These are simply my recommendations for each category of make up for anyone who is considering purchasing some clean make up products during the upcoming sales.

So, I’ll Start With Foundation

Alima Pure’s Satin Matte Foundation


I also highly reccomend Alima Pure’s Balancing Primer Powder & their Smooth + Prime. This was the first natural foundation routine that I tried that I felt was 100% solid. It delivers such a gorgeous skin like full coverage look. I even used this foundation on a bride a couple of months back.

I also love both of Alima Pure’s primers. I have always had issues with foudnation breaking up on my skin and these primers keep my make up in place all day.


The Smooth + Prime absorbs oil and really helps my make up last all day. The Balancing Primer Powder adds an extra ‘oomph’ in terms of coverage and makes the Satin Matte Foundation glide and blend in so smoothly (even over the areas where I have some texture). BUT I would encourage trying out the Satin Matte Foundation on it’s own before purchasing the primers because it truly is an awesome foundation on it’s own and I’m sure that some will find that it delivers everything that they need without any primer.

Root Pretty Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals

This literally does everything that I have ever wanted a tinted moisturizer to do. It is not full coverage by any means but does an amazing job at blurring imperfections, evening out the skin tone, and making the skin appear soft and smooth. It melts into the skin and looks better and better the longer that is is on the skin. Seriously, so good. Every time I use it I love it even more.


Pacificia Dreamy Cover Serum Foundation


This foundation is so budget friendly compared to most other natural products. It also performs SO WELL. It delivers great coverage (with just a few drops of product!), is easy to apply, and I find that it holds up great when set with powder. The one thing about this foundation that kills me though, is that there are not very many shade options. I use the shade ‘fair/light’ (the lightest shade) and it is almost too dark for me right now; when I am at my palest I have to bronze up my neck quite a bit to make this color work. None the less, I had to mention this product because I think that it is an awesome natural foundation to start out with if you can make it work for your skin tone. I have full post all about this product from a couple of weeks ago if you would like a more in depth review!

Lastly, I want to mention the Au Naturale Cosmetics Zero Gravity C2P foundation.


This is a stick foundation and it is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the colder months as it is super moisturizing. It is a creme product though which may not appeal to everyone. I find that this foundation lasts all day on me as long as I set it with powder. I have a full review of this product in one of my earlier blog posts if you would like more details on this product. Just a quick note, Au Naturale has changed the name and packaging of this foundation since I wrote my review on it, but it is still the same product.


I have two that I absolutely love. The first is RMS Beauty’s Un Cover Up.


It is full coverage, so creamy, moisturizng, and skin like. I don’t have any issues with this concealer breaking up or creasing under my eyes as long as I set it with powder.

The second concealer that I have come to love is Au Naturale’s Completely Covered Creme Concealer.


I have mine in the shade ‘Ecru’. I love this shade because it has the perfect amount of pink and yellow undertones. I think this shade would look great on most fair to light skin tones. This concealer is not drying by any means but it is not as creamy as the RMS Un Cover Up. I also LOVE this concealer as an eye shadow primer (more on this concealer as an eye primer in my last post).

I prefer to apply and blend both of these concealers with my finger.

Setting Powder

I love a good setting powder. I even set my powder foundation (I also talked more about this in my last post). My favorite setting power is the Bare Minerals Original Mineral Veil. I find that it really helps blur my pores, doesn’t make my skin look powdery, and holds my make up in place.


I also want to mention the RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder.


This powder is super matifying. When my skin is feeling extra oily or I need my make up to hold up for an extended amount of time or in the heat, I love to dust a light layer of this powder over my foundation before applying Mineral Veil. I don’t think that everyone will find that this powder is absolutely necessary though, I would just recommend this to anyone who has issues with their make up breaking up through out the day.


HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Bronzers

On the left is the shade ‘Malibu’ and on the right is the shade ‘Maui’

This is hands down the best bronzer that I have ever tried. ‘Malibu’ is the ideal bronzer for fair skin. It’s perfect for contouring or bronzing. I actually haven’t used ‘Maui’ too much. I am afraid that it will appear too red on my skin; but I think that it would be great for warmer skin tones.


The formula on these sun kissed lovelies is amazing. It is pigmented, smooth, and the color applies evenly. Both of these shades are matte but HAN also has a shade called ‘Ibiza’ that has some soft shimmer within the color that I am dying to try. These bronzers also retail at $16 which is relatively low in terms of green beauty prices!

Stay tuned for more green beauty recommendations over the next few days!♥

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