‘Going Out’ Make Up – Using Natural Products

So when I say ‘going out’ I mean going bowling and having a few drinks. Which is exactly what I did for my 22nd birthday over this past weekend.

I created a semi dramatic look and wanted to share it! Just because the products are natural, doesn’t mean the make up look has to be ♦

I started off with my eyebrows.

I used Root Pretty’s Natural Brow Powder Pan in the shade ‘Deep Brown’. I think this might be my new ride or die brow product. This color is super cool toned which is an absolute must for me when it comes to my brows.


The product is also very build-able, pigmented, goes on super smooth, and I haven’t noticed the powder to have any fall out. This shade is also super versatile, my hair is just between a golden blonde and a light ashy brown and this color matches my hair pretty well, but I think that even a deep brunette or someone with just slightly blonder hair than me could make this shade work too.

Next I primed my eyes with the Au Naturale Cosmetics Completely Covered Creme Concealer in the shade ‘Ecru’. I usually just tap/buff this is in with my finger. This is a great light coverage under eye concealer but I love it even more as an eyelid primer. It kind of reminds me the MAC Pro Longwear concealer. I also love how neutral this shade is.


I set the primer with the W3ll Preople Bio Brightener Invisible Powder. I just got this so I do not have much to say about it, but I am excited to use it more becuase I have heard such good things about it!


Then I started on my eye shadow.

I started out by using the shade ‘Stella’ by Root Pretty on my lid. This ended up being a bit warmer and darker than I wanted for this part of my eye so I went over top of it with Root’s ‘Georgia’ eye shadow.

‘Stella’ swatched on top, ‘Georgia’ swatched below

I ended up mixing the shades ‘St. Tropez’ and ‘Vienna’ from Root Pretty and blending them into my crease, right above my crease, on my outer lid and in towards the middle of my lid.

‘Vienna’ on the left, ‘St. Tropez’ on the right

On a day to day basis I usually wear, either no eye shadow at all, or golden brown tones. I chose ‘Vienna’ and ‘St. Tropez’  for this look because they pull more purple and ashy on me and I wanted this look to be different than my everyday make up.


Now on to the eyeliner. Since I was going for a more dramatic look, I figured I ought to throw on some winged liner.. & by ‘throw on’ I mean very carefully and with strategy. I have pretty deep set eyes with an already very defined crease. When my eyes are open my crease actually changes the entire shape of my eyeliner. I thought that the picture below showed this pretty well.


So I have come up with a strategy  to achieve a winged line that gives my eyes that ‘cat eye’ look when they are open and closed.

I start by using a black pencil eyeliner to line my upper lash line. I do not use the pencil to create the actual wing. Honeybee Gardens is an awesome all natural and affordable make up brand that creates a perfect and pigmented black pencil liner. The eyeliner shade is called ‘Jet Set’.


Then I use an angled brush to VERY lightly smudge the line so that it appears a bit thinner and so that the product reaches as far in toward my inner corner as I want. The main purpose of doing this though is to get some of the product on to the brush so that I can use the brush to map out my wing.

I haven’t quite gotten this part down for my specific eye shape yet (I really want to do a blog post on this technique when I do!), but I usually place the the angled brush so that the shorter part of the angled brush is sitting right at the outer corner of my lash line and angle the taller bristles on the brush up towards the tail of my eyebrow. Hopefully the picture below helps to further explain the placement of the brush 🙂

Up close & personal for this one (haha)

The I start to map out my wing like I would if I were using gel liner. I like to use this technique to map out my wing because if I initially place my wing at the wrong angle the product is light enough that it will not be noticeable by the end of the process.

Once I have my wing roughly mapped out I apply Root Pretty’s 100% Line Liquid Eyeliner over top of the pencil to give the liner that clean and crisp ‘liquid liner’ look.


The brush on this eyeliner is perfect!

The product also goes on super smooth. My only complaint with this product is that the product doesn’t always hold up quite as long as I need it to. It holds up pretty well for about 8 or 9 hours but does start to break up a bit past the 9ish hour mark, that being said though, it still holds up for quite a long time!

I finished off the eye look by smudging the left over shadow on the pencil brush I used earlier on my lower lash line and used a clean pencil brush to put ‘Georgia’ in my inner corner. Then I applied Root’s 100% Lash Natural & Organic Mascara.


I have a bad habit of not focusing on getting my mascara at the base of my eyelashes (you can kind of see this in the photo below). This look doesn’t really do Root’s mascara justice. Just trust me when I say that this mascara is the bees knees. It makes the lashes look super fluttery and full.


If you’re still with me,thank you♥, and now I will move into the face!

I concealed my under eye area with the Bare Minerals Bareskin Complete Coverage Concealer. I tapped that in with my finger and used the RMS Beauty Tinted Un powder in the shade 0-1 to set the concealer.


I used Root Pretty’s Pretty Booster Liquid Minerals in the shade ‘Light’ as a primer. I apply this product with my fingers. This product is ah-mazing. I need to do a post all about this product honestly. Then I added more coverage with Root’s Pearl Powder Mineral Foundation (also lovely)  in the shade N1.


Then I used the Hydrating Mineral Veil to lightly set the foundation. It may seem excessive to set a powder foundation with a setting powder but I honestly feel like it makes my foundation last way longer so I pretty much always do it. The brush pictured below is available in this set and is perfect for lightly applying setting powder.


I created a light contour with HAN Skincare Cosmetics’ matte bronzer in the shade ‘Malibu’. This shade is perfect for bronzing and contouring fair skin as it is a rather cool toned brown. I also love using the ELF tapered blush brush for contouring. I use the tip of the brush to apply the color very sparingly and gradually build the color up.


I applied this to my hair line, my jaw line and under my cheek bones. I usually apply  the product just a bit higher up and at more of an angle and it always lifts my cheek bones a bit more and is just more flattering overall. But hey, ya live and ya learn.

Now for blush, I received a sample of Root Pretty’s ‘Mystique – Blushing Bronze’ with my last order and decided to try it out while I was creating this look (they always include free surprise samples with every order and I love it ♥).


The color swatches really beautifully but I feel like I need to use it a few more times before I can decide how I feel about the color. Formula and pigmentation were great though!

Lastly, the lips.

I wanted a slightly purple and medium toned mauve lip color for this look. I mixed two lipsticks and ended up with more of a deep plum/wine color. I used the shades ‘Deeply In Mauve’ (swathced on top) and ‘Malbec’ (swatched on bottom) from the brand Noyah.


This was my first time using this brand of lipstick and I was really impressed. They were super pigmented and the color lasted really well throughout the night. I only had to touch up on the outer corners of my lips once, and I feel like, if I hadn’t been eating and drinking, I probably wouldn’t have had to touch up at all.

Although I loved the way the lip color turned out I feel like Alima Pure’s new lip tint in the shade ‘Calla’ would have been perfect! I am dying to try this color.

Thank you for reading! Anyone who knows me (or that has just read a couple of my blog posts) knows that I am quite wordy. This definitely comes through in my writing (no shame here) 🙂 So thank you for sticking with me til the end of this post if you made it this far.

♥ Paige

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