The All Natural & Affordable Liquid Foundation That Held Up Through My Yoga Class

I have talked about this before on my blog, but I absolutely love being able to share all natural beauty options that are on the lower end of the green beauty price spectrum. Who doesn’t love a fabulous product with a good price tag?

Today I want to share the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare Faced Serum Foundation with my lovely readers!


This foundation has awesome ingredients, is certified vegan and cruelty free, and can be found relatively easily in store. I have been able to find Pacifica products at select Fred Meyers (in the ‘Naturals’ section), at New Seasons Market (this is a local store to the Pacific Northwest but I figured I would still mention it because there are New Seasons Markets in Northern California, Southwest Washington, Seattle, and all throughout Oregon), Whole Foods, and at Target. Of course, Pacifica products are also available online.

As I mentioned in the title of this post, this foundation lasted all throughout my hour long yoga class. I really wish that I would have taken a picture of my make up after the class to show how well it held up but I didn’t think about it. I broke a sweat during this class and when I noticed that my foundation still looked great after the class, I knew I wanted to write about it on my blog!

DSC_0025 - Copy (2)

This foundation is similar to the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. I have a post where I talk all about this foundation and another post with this foundation in action if you would like to read more about it 🙂


I wouldn’t say that the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Foundation is an exact dupe for the Gressa Serum Foundation though. The Gressa Foundation melts into the skin a little bit more. I also find that I need to set the Pacifica Dreamy Cover with powder more often than I need to set the Gressa Serum Foundation with powder. None the less though, I would still totally recommend the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare Faced Serum Foundation to anyone who is looking for an awesome natural serum foundation. It offers great coverage, lasts all day, and really does perform very similarly to the Gressa Serum Foundation but is a fraction of the cost. It also has SPF 20 which makes it perfect for every day wear!

Both foundations truly give that gorgeous ‘serum foundation effect’ meaning that they  leave the skin looking dewy, moisturized, and most importantly, very skin like.

Below I have some before and after pictures to show the amount of coverage that I am able to get out of the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Foundation.


As the pictures show, the foundation does a great job at camouflaging redness and at evening out the skin. I am also wearing Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals over top of the foundation in the ‘after’ shot and I feel like the foundation still manages to maintain the ‘serum foundation effect’.

My only complaint with this foundation is that I find that even the lightest shade is quite a bit too dark and warm toned for me when I am at my fairest. I found this to be an issue with the Gressa Serum Foundation as well. I am able to even this out by bronzing my neck but it would still be nice to have a closer color match available. & I have to mention that, unfortunately, the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Foundation only has three shades to choose from.

I think that the Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare Faced Serum Foundation is best applied with a fluffy, round top foundation brush.


This is one of the few natural liquid foundations that I have found that can be applied in buffing circular motions. Most other natural liquid foundations that I have tried have to be pressed into the skin with a brush or a make up sponge.

So, to wrap it up –

The Pacifica Dreamy Cover Bare Faced Serum Foundation is an awesome all natural foundation for every day wear that also has a relatively low price tag in comparison to other natural beauty products.

It is also comparable to the all natural luxury serum foundation by Gressa.

It is certified vegan and cruelty free.

& I have to add, that I think it is a great choice of foundation for anyone who is just starting out in switching their conventional beauty products over to natural beauty products.

Thank you for reading & I hope this post was helpful!

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    1. It’s so good. I didn’t mention this in the post (I really should have!) but I only use about a pump and a half to get the coverage pictured. Such a good product for the price and it has spf!

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