More Tips On Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

In my last post I talked all about why I love shampoo and conditioners bars and how I use them.


Within the post I gave a bunch of tips for using shampoo and conitioner bars, talked about how well they have worked for my hair, and how they are different than liquid shampoo and conditioner.

Believe me when I say that I had such a hard time fitting all of my thoughts on these lovelies into one post. I edited and reworded the post several times with the intent of making the post a reasonable length. I ended up cutting a few tips out and didn’t go into as much depth on some parts of the post as I would have liked too (for the sake of the length). After the post went up I received some questions regarding shampoo and conditioner bars, while answering these questions, I felt the need to share just a little bit more information with those who were considering trying these out; so I figured I ought to share this excess information up on the blog as well.

The shampoo bars do a great job of getting natural oils from the scalp and everyday dirty-ness out of the hair. However, they don’t always get all of the hair product out of my hair. They get most of it out, but after a few weeks I start to notice that my hair feels a bit more weighed down due to some excess hair product left on my hair strands. To prevent this I wash my hair with diluted castille soap every now and then. Usually about every two weeks but that varies.


You could use other liquid shampoos but I think that this one works the best. Diluted castille soap gets my hair so clean and gives it so much volume. The first time that I ever used it to wash my hair I actually stopped using my shampoo bar for about a week or two, like I said in my last post though, I found that if I use liquid shampoo for more than a couple of days in a row, it leaves my hair feeling kind of limp and thin – almost like it is just a bit too drying. I find that using a shampoo bar about 90% of the time and the castille soap about 10% of the time keeps my hair its healthiest.

They are seriously so much gentler on the scalp than liquid shampoo. I didn’t realize that my liquid shampoo was ‘not gentle’ on my scalp but my scalp just feels quite a bit better and more balanced when I use a shampoo bar to wash my hair

I feel like my hair is just a bit gritty feeling and a little more prone to tangles when it is wet after I use a shampoo bar. Once my hair dries it is back to normal and feels super soft and healthy. Using the conditioner bar helps work all of the tangles out a lot. The grittiness while wet isn’t something that does any harm to the hair but it just makes the washing process a bit different. I still recommend these bars 100% but I wanted to mention this so that anyone who tries these knows what to expect and doesn’t panic when it happens. I just make a point to be extra careful with my hair while I am washing it. I promise, this small set back is worth it! 

Apple Cider Vinegar is a great hair rinse to do every few weeks when using a shampoo bar. 


I do this for the same reason I use the castille soap. It just helps to clarify the hair and get rid of build up. Apple cider vinegar also helps seal the hair strands, so it is kind of like a hair mask and hair rinse in one. I keep some diluted apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle in my shower and use it about once a month.

These shampoo bars and conditioner bar will not actually make the hair grow faster. They will just keep the hair much healthier so that the hair is less prone to breakage. 

Again, feel free to ask any other questions about these bars and thank you for reading!


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4 thoughts on “More Tips On Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

  1. I really like my shampoo & conditioning bar and how my hair isn’t dry or greasy . It’s easy to style and seems more full . Maybe that’s just my wishful thinking . Lol . Love your blog princess . Lvu dad

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