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I had wanted to try the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation out for a while because, a) it is a liquid foundation which is something I feel like all green beauty enthusiasts are trying to find, and b) I had heard that it was full coverage and in my experience, it is hard to find an all natural full coverage liquid foundation.

I always feel a bit nervous trying out serum make up products. Yes, they usually swatch really nice and they pretty much always look amazing on skin that is free of texture or breakouts. They are also known for being so moisturizing and have the potential to melt into the skin and create an incredibly skin like finish.


They are also very thin in consistency though, which I believe is the reason why they are capable of giving such a natural finish. But sometimes this consistency can be difficult to get coverage with. Being some one with acne marks and scars and some texture on my face, I was concerned that I would not be able to get enough converge out of this foundation. Lastly, my skin can get oily throughout the day and I wondered if this foundation would break up because of this.

I’ve gone through almost a whole bottle of the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation (this might be the longest foundation name I have ever heard) and it has become a go to full coverage foundation for me. It has actually become a go to foundation for me on the days where my skin is at its worst.


My favorite way to apply this foundation is to use a dry (beauty blender like) make up sponge. I find that if I use a wet make up sponge it thins out the product too much and it is more difficult to get full coverage out of this foundation.



This foundation also works very well when applied with a brush.


When I use a brush to apply this foundation I don’t find that it looks quite as seamless and skin like as when I use a dry beauty blender though. I also feel like I have to use a lot more product to get the coverage I want when I use a brush because the brush steals a lot more of the product than a dry make up sponge does. With that being said though, I feel like I can achieve decent looking skin and get full coverage very quickly when I use a brush which I really appreciate.

Overall though I do think that this foundation looks its absolute best when applied with a dry make up sponge and it really only takes an extra minute or two to get the same full coverage look that I am able to get when using a brush to apply this foundation.

Another thing that I love about this foundation is that it layers really well over color correcting cremes. I like to use the Au Naturale Cosmetics Color Correcting Stick in the shade ‘Sweet Basil’ over some acne marks underneath this foundation.

DSC_0228DSC_0227 (2)

I also want to put my two cents in on whether or not to set the face with powder after applying this foundation. If I am going to apply powder bronzer on top of this foundation then I prefer to set my whole face with powder. If I don’t, then I feel like the brush steals away too much of the foundation when I blend the bronzer.

DSC_0218I do not think that this foundation necessarily needs to set with powder though. I usually always have to set all of my foundations with powder in order for them to last all day but the Gressa Serum Foundation actually looks and sits beautifully on my skin and lasts all day if I skip the powder. The foundation will break up ever so slightly after several hours but it is nothing that I can’t buff back into place with a brush or a make up sponge or even just tap back into place with my fingers if I have to.

Lastly, not having to be set with powder makes the Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation ideal for using creme bronzers, blushes, and highlighters. In the pictures below I have on the Au Naturale Luminous Creme Bronzer Stick and RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer and I think that these products look they’re absolute best because they are sitting on top of a more skin like base instead of sitting on top of powders.


Thanks for reading and let me know what you’re favorite all natural liquid foundations are 🙂

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