Affordable, Long Lasting, & Natural Lip Liner and Lipstick

One thing that I have noticed since making the swtich to natural make up is that there is no E.L.F. in green beauty and that there is no MAC in green beauty (yet).

There are so many beautiful and non toxic make up products out there that are perfect for every day wear or for creating glamorous looks for special occasions. The one thing that I truly miss about conventional beauty though is being able to stock up on tons of eye shadow, lipstick, blush, setting powder, ect, for what never seemed to add up to more than about $30. Or just being able to grab a ‘treat yo-self’ make up item on a random day for less than ten bucks. E.LF. was always my go to brand for this.

But hey, there is always the very valuable saying, quality over quantity. (I’m speaking in terms of ingredients here, I know that E.L.F make up performs very well for the price.)

MAC was never a go to make up brand for me but I had always wanted to purchase a MAC lipstick because I knew that they were famous for literally lasting all day and not budging or fading at all. Obviously once I started detoxing my make up I gladly let go of the idea of buying any MAC product ever.

I’m just being real here, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to find natural make up that holds up to the lasting power or low price (or both) of some of the infamous cult favorite products in the conventional beauty world. I will say though that it is still very much worth it to make the switch to natural beauty products. I love green beauty. I’m obsessed with it. & it literally sets my soul on fire whenever I find a natural beauty product that works well enough that it could replace any toxic product in any make up lovers collection.

The natural beauty product I want to write about today performs great and is relatively affordable.

I have been obsessed with Mineral Fusions lipliner in the shade ‘Splendid’ and lipstick in the shade ‘Inspire’.

These two create such a pretty pink color that is perfect for everyday wear or to pair with more glamorous looks. Obviously Mineral Fusion offers tons more colors in their lip pencils and lipsticks though if you’re not a pink pout kind of gal.

The ingredients in both of these products are all very easy to recognize which is perhaps even more lovely than the pinkish mauve color itself. The formula of the lip pencil and the lipstick is very creamy which makes it super easy to apply and comfortable to wear. This lipstick offers a beautiful and natural looking finish that is somewhere between velvety and satin.

The thing that sets these lip products a part from many other natural lippies that I love is that they are actual lipsticks (instead of lip tints). This makes the color more opaque.

I have also found that this lip cocktail gets me through a six to eight hour day at work with only one to two touch ups. After wearing this lip cocktail for about four(ish) hours the color intensity starts to die down just a bit but still leaves the lips flushed with a stain of color.

Another natural lip stick line that I love is the 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lipsticks.

The color ‘Calypso’ is to die for. But I have to say that I like the Mineral Fusion Lipsticks better because I have found that they are less prone to smudging and because they are less expensive but just as long lasting.

Thanks for reading & let me know what your favorite all natural lippies are!

With love


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