DIY Detox Face Mask – All Natural – Bentonite Clay

Today I’m bringing out the GREEN in green beauty with my favorite detoxifying mask!

The ingredients? Bentonite Clay, Apple Cider Vinegar, Water, and the optional choice of essential oil – my oils of choice are Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil.

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This DIY face mask is perfect for anyone with oily skin, acne prone skin (this mask acutually plays a huge roll in keeping my acne at bay), or for anyone who just wants a good skin detox!

One of my favorite things about green beauty is how much it promotes natural skin care. All of the ingredients used in this mask are completley natural and affordable.

This Bentonite Clay Face Mask pulls out dirt and other impurities better than any product I have ever tried.

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To make this mask use a plastic or wooden spoon to scoop the ingredients into a glass bowl.

The recipe that I have come up with makes the perfect amount of mask for two people, so adjust measurments according to how many people the mask is for.

Start with one tablespoon  of Bentonite Clay (sometimes I have to add another half tablespoon or upto one more tablespoon if mask is too runny), one and a half tablespoons of water, and one and a half tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.

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Lastly, I like to add about one to three drops of tea tree oil and/or lavender oil. Make sure to use essential oils that you know your skin reacts well with to prevent any irritation of the skin. The essential oil is really just to make the mask feel pleasant on the skin, oils like tea tree or clary sage will give the mask a nice cool and tingly feeling where as oils like lavender or rose will give the mask a nice soothing feeling.

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When the mask is first applied to the skin it will still be wet.

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I usually end up leaving the mask on any where from 30 to 45 minutes. If you have dryer skin you may want to only leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes.

After having the mask on for about 15 minutes it will start to feel dryer and tighter. Around 25 minutes I usually feel my skin start to pulsate. The mask continues to feel dryer and tighter. If I haven’t done the mask for a while then I will usually feel a second pulsing sensation after having the mask on for about 40 minutes. If I am using the mask on a weekly or bi weekly basis then my skin will usually only pulsate once.

Whether or not the mask pulsates once, twice, or even a third time, when the mask is pretty much completley dry (or just unbelievably uncomfortable) it is time to wash the mask off.

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I use a hot wash cloth to remove this mask. I place the washcloth on my face and the steam helps to break up the mask. From there I gently scrub the mask off with the washcloth.

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If there are stubborn bits of the mask that won’t fall off I use coconut oil to break them up. Coconut oil can also help to remove the mask a little bit more gently – after the steam has had a chance to loosen up the mask, rub some coconut oil on the face and then use the washcloth to gently scrub away the mask.

This mask is pretty intense so I prefer to skip the rest of my skincare routine after using this mask. Instead I opt for applying a light facial oil to hydrate my skin. I will use grapeseed oil (pictured below) or argan oil ( I am currently out of mine but I linked the one that I love here).

I prefer to use this mask at night, as it can leave the areas of the skin that pulsate pretty red.

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This mask always puts an end to (or prevents) my breakouts. The next morning my skin always looks and feels fresh, bright, and smother and clearer than it did the previous day.


Thanks for reading!

What are your favorite all natural DIY masks?

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6 thoughts on “DIY Detox Face Mask – All Natural – Bentonite Clay

  1. Thank God for this post because it reminded me to put my mask on now lol. I have the Aztec Healing Clay mask which is great for acne and pores, it’s similar to the one that you made in which is gets really tight and dry on the face and feels like the skin is pulsating. Also, I love mixing DIY masks at home with the apple cider vinegar. It’s great stuff!

    1. Haha glad I could be of some help :p
      Yeah I usually buy the Aztec Healing Clay but I couldn’t find it at any of my local stores and I was in desperate need of a detox mask so I didn’t want to order it online and have to wait for it to get to me lol. & yes oh my word apple cider vinegar is amazing for clay masks! It makes the consistency so much better.

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