Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Creme Foundation Review

Hello my fellow green beauty lovers!

I said that I would have this post of up ‘soon’ just over 2 weeks ago and I would have liked to have gotten it up sooner than this but life happened and it was delayed. I am planning on reviewing the Au Naturale Creme Bronzer in a separate post (hopefully up sometime this week) because I have quite a bit to say about each product. In all honesty, I am so glad that I wasn’t able to get this post up sooner because I feel like I have a much better and detailed review to give since I have had this product for about 3 weeks now. I also have pictures of this foundation on a couple of different occasions so that I can show the consistency in the quality of this foundation. So let jump into it!

I really love this foundation. It is the first full size (I’ve tried several samples) ‘green’/’clean’ foundation that I have purchased and I am definitely happy with the purchase. The ingredients are also fantastic!


It is a great everyday foundation that can be used for sheer coverage or, with the right amount of product and the right blending technique, medium to full coverage. My favorite thing about this product is that it gives such a ‘skin like’ finish, it looks like naturally flawless and clear skin, not skin with make up on top of it. This product is also very moisturizing and feels nice on the skin.


As I mentioned earlier, to obtain medium to full coverage, it is necessary to use the right amount of product and the right blending technique. I usually apply the foundation from the stick to my face so that I have the product covering the majority of my face before I blend it out. I find that when I use any more product than this the foundation can look cakey and that I loose the ‘skin like’ or ‘your skin but better’ finish. Below I have some pictures showing my skin before and after application and how about how much I apply.

As you can see the foundation covers all of my redness and most of my hyper pigmentation but does not settle into fine lines and give a very natural finish. In the after photo here I am also not wearing under eye concealer. I just wanted to mention this because I thought that it was awesome that this foundation could act as under eye concealer as well as foundation.

Next I want to explain how I blend this product out because along with not using too much product, the blending technique is also very important to keep the foundation from looking cakey when going for more coverage. I use a flat top foundation brush from Morphe. I believe this exact brush is only available in the 9 piece Deluxe Vegan Set but there is one very similar to it in Morphe’s 15 Piece Vegan Pro Set.

As you can see, this is just a dense, flat top, synthetic hair foundation brush.

When I use this brush with this foundation (no matter what level of coverage I am going for) I don’t really blend the product into my skin or blend it in circular motions. I press the foundation in using stippling motions. When going for medium or full coverage, the product is usually covering most of my face so I simply spread the product out so that there are not any gaps between where I swiped the foundation stick. When I am going for more sheer coverage and have not used as much product I do the same motion but end up spreading the product a little bit thinner.

As I said earlier in the post I have pictures of this foundation in action from a couple of different occasions.

These first two photos were taken in broad daylight with clear skies. I find that this is the most unforgiving lighting when it comes to camouflaging redness and hyper pigmentation, but as you can see the foundation still performed (and photographed) really well even in such unforgiving light!


This last photo was taken at the end of long day and after spending a lot of outside with a little bit of rain. I feel like some of my redness did peak through the foundation by the end of the day but none the less I was still pleased with how well it held up.

Hope the review was helpful!

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