Ethical Clothing? (My fist fashion related post!)

If you would have asked me a couple of months ago what I thought my first fashion related blog post would be, I probably would have guessed something along the lines of “Old Navy Labor Day Sale Haul” or “Favorite Pieces from Charlotte Russe” so I am pleasantly surprised with what my first fashion related post is actually about.

Within the last month or two I have become intrigued by clothing companies that make their products in an ethical manner. I have done some research but I need to do much more before I feel comfortable talking too much about the subject.

I wanted to share a few articles that I read yesterday that gave me just a little bit more information about the topic. The first one gave me some information about what the label “Made in the USA” often times means in realistic terms.

The second article is a little bit more fun to read because it introduces several clothing companies that produce products that are ethically made. I have to mention that the price points most of these companies have are not necessarily inexpensive, most of the ones that I looked at have prices that are similar to stores like Victoria’s Secret or Macys. I also have not actually bought any thing from these sites so I cannot vouch for their quality. I am only sharing this article because I enjoyed looking through the sites that it introduced me to. I do want to make a couple of purchases from these companies though at some point and I will be happy to share my experiences with the companies and their products if anyone is interested 🙂

In regards to the price of ethical shopping I wanted to share some thoughts that I have about consignment stores and second hand stores. Consignment stores and second hand stores are a good option for those of us (including myself) that want to shop ethically but are on a budget. Although these stores do sell products that were most likely not ethically made, consignment stores and second hand stores are good for communities as a whole for many reasons. I just wanted to throw this piece in here to help make the idea of shopping ethically seem less overwhelmingly expensive.

I hope that this post wasn’t too rambly and that the lack of images didn’t make it too unbearable to read (haha) but I appreciate those of you who gave it a look and especially those who read it all the way through despite my rambling and the lack of visuals.

I would love to hear anyone’s testimonies for these companies or any other ethical clothing companies that anyone has tried 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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