Quick & Easy Hairstyle for Restaurant Work

I am super excited about this post! I have worked in a restaurant for about a year and a half now and our uniform is basically all black and hair up. Blah. I cherish days that I can wear a cute outfit and wear my hair down.

When going to work I usually squeeze my dose of pretty in by making my make up a little bit more dramatic and then I will just throw my hair in a messy ponytail or braid. Sometimes I will do my hair in a pretty updo but updos usually take a while to create and to get just right and generally have to be done on second or third day hair that is somewhat freshly curled.

I like this low bun style with some loose hair in front because it looks put together and somewhat elegant (if you will) but only takes about 5 minutes to achieve and can be done on strait, curly, second day hair, clean hair, and even wet hair.


Basically all I did was pull my hair back and twist it into a low bun and secure it with a ponytail. Then I went ahead and pinned any loose hairs into the bun to make it look more polished. Lastly I pulled the hair above and around the bun to create a little bit of volume and then pulled a piece out in the front. I included a short video to help make these steps a bit more clear. The video is a little rough (still getting the hang of the photography/videography that comes along with blogging) and I definitely could have pinned a few more hairs into place but hopefully it will be a good visual aid to my written steps.

So there it is! This style is super simple but gets most of the hair out of the face, is time efficient, and looks just a bit prettier than my usual ponytail or braid so I thought that I would share it for any food service workers or anyone else who just needs/wants their hair out of the way. Thanks for reading!

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