Outfit of the Day + Bed Head

Ever have those days where you really don’t have any reason to get dressed up or glammed up but you just can’t help yourself and you end up with a full face of make up on and dramatic earrings for a trip to the grocery store? That was me today.

Another thing that happened today was an organic and cute messy bun. And when I say ‘organic’ I mean that that I actually didn’t try to make my hair look good today.

Recently, when I wake up in the morning and put my hair up to wash my face I have just been leaving it that way for the day. Even though my buns usually look pretty wonky at first when I put my hair up to wash my face, I’ve found that if I Just leave it be for an hour or so it falls into what is actually a pretty cute messy bun. Of course its different every time and it doesn’t always work out but when it does it’s always a nice little victory in my day.


Romper is from T.J. Maxx but the brand is ANGIE

Earrings are from Charlotte Russe

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